How to Clean a Trampoline Clean Jumping

Have you been enjoying the exercise and entertainment provided by your backyard trampoline for many months? Are you noticing that every time you come down for a big bounce on the trampoline mat, a cloud of dirt, dust, and possibly even yard debris is jumping up and down with you? Just like all sports equipment, trampolines must be well maintained in order to last a long time. If you're interested in getting the most out of your investment, it's important to know how to clean a trampoline mat and the trampoline parts properly so that they will remain in good working order. There are many different shapes and sizes of trampolines, from the mini rebounders that are used in the comfort of your basement or living room, to the large indoor/outdoor gymnasium models that can be up to sixteen feet in length. There are rectangular, circular, and square models available in the entire variety of sizes. No matter what your trampoline looks like, it depends on the same collection of parts to work correctly.

Trampoline springs, mats, pads, and covers must be kept clean and repaired so that you can have a safe jumping experience. The first thing to do if your trampoline needs cleaning is to find a relatively clean household broom. If you've got trampoline pads installed over the frame and springs, you should remove it before starting to sweep. Get on top of the trampoline mat and give it a brisk sweep, making sure to start from one end and sweep all dirt and debris to the other end, and onto the ground. While you're sweeping, make sure to be on the lookout for any tears, frayed threads, holes or any other indication that the mat itself might be in need of repair. After sweeping, use a garden hose to soak the entire trampoline mat with water. Much of the water will seep through the tiny holes in the mat and drip onto the ground below, so make sure you perform this step over a grassy area or driveway where the water won't mix with dirt to form mud. Use a damp sponge and some mild detergent to scrub the entire surface of the trampoline mat, again looking for any signs that the mat has become damaged during use. Use the hose to spray all the soap suds and dirt away when you're done scrubbing, and pat dry with a rag or towel.