Turnanzuge Lessel – Individual High Quality Products at Fair Prices

Turnanzuge Lessel impresses with custom-made sports wear to a sound price/performance ratio

The online shop "Turnanzuge Lessel" offers custom-made sports wear like leotards, gymnastics wear and ballet clothing in high quality at affordable rates. Furthermore, customers have the possibility to design their orders following their own wishes and ideas.

Depending on the discipline the choice of the right sports wear can be very important. Less important is the fact if you are a competitive or hobby athlete. Especially performing in disciplines like ballet or gymnastics it is very important to wear the right clothing. To assure to find the right sportswear it is very important to keep some criterions in mind. Especially leotards or gymnastics wear need to have a perfect individual fit and functionality. Concerning the friction, it is very important that it exists only between gymnastic apparatus and leotard or between floor and leotard, but not between leotard and skin. That is why it is so important that the clothing has the right fit to help the athlete to reach their maximum performance. Another very important criterion concerning the choice of the right sports wear is which cloth is used. Above all, the customer should like the optics of their new clothing.

Turnanzuge - Custom-made Sports Wear

A competent contact for custom-made sports wear like leotards, so called Turnanzuge and ballet clothing is to be found in Schwalbach near Saarlouis, Saarland. Claudia Lessel runs her online shop with which she looks after clients in the federal territory. A whole range of different models in various cuts, cloths, colours and designs can be looked at on the homepage of the atelier. This variety is only a help for the customer to get a small overview of what is possible to design and order, because the core competence of Claudia Lessel is definitely custom-made sports wear in every possible variation.

Turnanzuge - Sports Wear Affordable For Everyone

Every human body is different and shows individual characteristics which is the reason why only tailor-made sports wear can fulfil the high expectations concerning fit and wearing comfort. To fulfil the special wishes of every customer the shop owner cuts the leotards to size regarding the measurements of every single customer. Sports wear off the rail can never fit as good as custom-made clothing and always slip or ruck which can especially in ballet and gymnastics cause the risk of injuries. Custom-made clothing by Claudia Lessel minimizes the risk of injuries for it is like a second skin which doesn't only prevent the clothes from slipping, but also minimizes the air resistance. Another plus is that the atelier only works with high quality cloths and guarantees high quality custom-made clothing while keeping an eye on a fair price/performance ratio which makes the sports wear affordable for everyone.

Turnanzuge - Customer design their own sports wear as wish and require

Mainly custom-made leotards are ordered in the online shop, but the wide product range also contains ballet clothing. Customers are able to design their very own sports wear as they wish and require. Designing leotards there is the possibility to chose between designs with or without sleeves, different necklines, collar shapes and colours. Also one has the possibility to chose a pattern out of a very wide range or design it as wished. The leotards can also be marked with a crest or badge. This special custom-made leotards are available at a minumum order quantity of one piece which is the reason why also private persons belong to Claudia Lessels customer base.

The wide product range of Turnanzuge Lessel does not only contain tailor-made leotards or ballet clothing, but also hotpants, tight and wide leggings and jazzpants.

Interested people can visit the shop under and inform themselves about the service portfolio, terms and conditions of ordering and the customer-friendly shipping terms.